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5G evolution has created a buzz in the IoT world. 5G is the fifth generation in mobile networks. It offers extreme speed than other G’s and provides better battery life and better connectivity than ever before. These days many companies have started to invest in 5G technology for consumer purposes. 5G enables faster speed and allows the company to launch brand new products and services that increase productivity.


Countries like Korea, the USA, China, and Japan have already launched 5G networks in the years 2018. 5G network brings better density and offers lots of business opportunities like mobile-commerce is growing faster, and more consumers shop online, so faster speed overall increases the overall addressable market and customer’s experience.


In short, once you are settled up with the 5G network, you will be connected 24/7, no matter where you live and go, you can access your home devices with your smartphone assistance even if you are in a movie.


What Does 5G Do For Business


5G could be beneficial for the business as it can more quickly and more efficiently than ever before. As a result, it saves costs and increases revenue. For business operations, 5G network through you can run applications faster and transfer the files quickly that can improve performance, and you can improve customer service.


When it comes to business, we all know that effective communication is the key, and 5G networks will improve business communication with higher speed and reduce time latency. Especially, call centers can get benefits from having high-quality audio and can assist multiple customers with minimum call failed ratio.


Many telecom companies like Reliance Jio are working on 5G infrastructure and will soon introduce 5G devices and services to the consumers at low prices. Moreover, 5G technology will also offer the users multiple advantages like you can experience AR/VR technology in your smartphone. 


There are plenty of benefits 5G offers to the business. 5G network enables instant and reliable connections that make remote working efficient. For example, a delivery company using Elluminati Inc's gojek like app can use IoT with 5G to track a deliveryman's location in real-time to alert customers. Elluminati is always looking forward to offering advanced solutions to their customers, and IoT & 5G being one of them. It saves time and both, which will ultimately increase your business efficiency.  


Are You Ready For 5G?


5G networks are still in the development process, so any new IT project should be compatible with the system that can transit to 5G when it becomes available. Getting ready for 5G means upgrading your business solutions that include virtualizing networks and measuring cloud computing provisions.


Compared to 4G/LTE, 5G offers you better connectivity and a larger number of connection support. Apart from the speed, you can experience things such as AR/VR technology, virtual meetings, self-driving cars, and remote medical facilities.


5G requires less energy consumption than existing networks. According to Huawei, 5G saves 90% of battery life, and this will be attractive for smartphone users. 


However, 5G boosts remote work facilities, and as per the recent survey,35% of the employees prefer video conferences and online training and development; it means 5G creates more opportunities for remote working. 

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5G is boon for everyone, but it won’t happen overnight, mostly the telecommunication sector will be benefited with the 5G network, it will be able to offer better usage of phones by increasing their speed. With 5G, companies can improve the customer’s online experience.



In a nutshell, you can say that texting friends, uploading videos, capturing pics all the things you can do with better speed and minimum latency.